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Best medical marijuana dispensary near me



Green Pharm 2

4335 N. Academy Blvd, Ste #100, 
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Tel. 719.598.8245



Sunday 10:00am - 7:45pm

Monday 10:00am -  7:45pm

Tuesday 10:00am -  7:45pm

Wednesday 10:00am -  7:45pm

Thursday 10:00am -  7:45pm

Friday 10:00am -  7:45pm

Saturday 10:00am -  7:45pm

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  • Do I need a medical card to shop at Green Pharm?
    Yes. Green Pharm is a medical marijuna dispensary. All dispensaries in Colorado Springs are medical only. The nearest recreational dispensaries can be found in Manitou Springs, Pueblo, and Denver.
  • What do I receive if/when I become a member?
    As of July 1, 2019, we are no longer taking any memberships.
  • How can I find out what flower, concentrates, edibles or topicals you have in the dispensary right now?"
    The best way to find what flower concentrates, edibles or topicals we have in stock is to call the shop directly at 719.591.2070 (Green Pharm I), 719.598.8245 (Green Pharm II) or visit our live menu.
  • Do you offer any specials for first-time patients?
    No. We have a one-price-for-everyone system! This means that everyone pays the same price. We do have daily deals. Please be sure to ask which deal we are running for the day.
  • Does Green Pharm accept medical marijuana cards from other states?
    No. At this time it is illegal for any medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado state to accept a medical marijuana card from out-of-state. If you are a medical marijuana patient from another state and would like to purchase cannabis, you will need to go to a recreational marijuana dispensary.
  • Do you accept EPC (extended plant count) patients?
    Yes. At this time we have a limited number of EPC patients we are able to care for and accommodate. If you are interested in becoming one of our VIP extended plant count patients, please call our store driectly at 719.591.2070 (Green Pharm I) or 719.598.8245 (Green Pharm II). We look forward to working with you.
  • Do you offer a Veterans or military discount?
    Yes! We are proud to offer 10% off to any active military or veteran patients who visit Green Pharm all day on Sunday's only. Thank you for your service! (Must show proof).
  • Do you accept debit/credit cards?
    No. At the moment we are only able to process cash payments, but we do have an ATM on site at our Academy location.
  • Do you ever have ounce specials or deals?
    Yes. Each location has their own daily deals and specials. To find out what our current sales and specials are, please call the store directly at 719.591.2070 (Green Pharm I) or 719.598.8245 (Green Pharm II).
  • How do I get a medical marijuana card?
    For accurate and up-to-date information on how to acquire a medical marijuana card in the state of Colorado, please visit: Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry. Or you can call the shop at 719.591.2070 (Green Pharm I) or at 719.598.8245 (Green Pharm II). We are always happy to help you answer any questions you may have about this process.
  • How will cannabis affect me?
    The effects of cannabis will vary from person to person. Factors such as health, weight, metabolism, current medical conditions, cannabis strain type and amount taken all contribute to the effect cannabis may have on an individual. Many people report feelings of euphoria, pain relief, sleepiness, increased energy and appetite after cannabis consumption. Some may also experience feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Cannabis may impair your mental and/or physical ability and therefore should not be taken before operating a motor vehicle or engaging in any activity where impairment of function could be detrimental. Determining the type and amount of cannabis products that are right for you may require the advice of a licensed physician who understands the cannabis plant and your body. For many it is a process of trial and error. If you are seeking a specific cannabis product to address a specific reason, feel free to contact us directly at 719.591.2070 (Green Pharm I) or at 719.598.8245 (Green Pharm II) to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff. We will do our best to help you find what you need.
  • How do I find recreational cannabis?
    Recreational Marijuana dispensaries are mostly found in Denver or Boulder. They are prohibited in Colorado Springs. The closest recreational shops to Colorado Springs are located in Manitou Springs. The best way to find a recreational marijuana dispensary near you is to search online.
  • How do I safely store my cannabis and concentrates?
    To ensure the longevity and quality of cannabis and concentrates, it is recommended to store them in secure containers in cool, dry places. Storing cannabis in a sealed container in the dark can increase the quality and aroma of the terpenes in the flower. Storing concentrates in a refrigerator or freezer helps prevent the degradation of THC into CBN and the molecular stability of the medicine.
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